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Build Confidence! 

Overcome your obstacles!

 Perform at your best!

Achieve your goals!

Nice to Meet You!

Holistic Life Coach for teens and young adults
Joseph Cannuscio M.A., ACC

I'm Joe, ICF-certified Holistic Life Coach and Meditation Teacher with a background in Middle School and High School Education.  


I am devoted to teaching clients how to use the power of their own minds to

  • build confidence

  • find their path

  • develop decision-making skills

  • overcome stressful barriers

  • maximize their potential

My life was once dominated by fear, anger and low confidence.  I was always overwhelmed, and it felt like my struggles were stopping me from achieving my academic, career and life goals.  I desperately wanted to change this.  I decided to spend one year in South Korea studying Buddhist Meditation.  Through this practice, I began discovering the power of my own mind and learned how to use it to transform insurmountable obstacles into very attainable goals.  Most importantly, I began to love the person that I am and believe in my own abilities.


It is my pleasure to partner with anyone who can benefit from the services that I provide.    

About Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching is a trusting partnership between my clients and myself.  I guide clients in exploring and navigating blockages and how to move through them to create lasting changes and life transformations.  My coaching makes use of the intelligence of the body, the mind, and the spirit, and calls upon a client's unique strengths and innate wisdom to deepen self-awareness, improve abilities, and enhance overall health and quality of life.  

person using a compass to navigate


Please contact me to schedule a free session.



Individual Coaching

1 hour virtual session of 1 to 1 coaching Including client accountability and check in.

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Group Coaching

1 hour virtual Group Coaching session for adults working on a specific topic in common.

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30 minute virtual meditation session including personalized meditation and instruction.


Janet | NJ

"Joseph Cannuscio is a compassionate and transformational life coach.  I have been a client of Joseph’s for 4 months now and during this time, he has helped me navigate difficult relationship and professional issues.  I have more insight and clarity as a result of my coaching sessions and will continue to work with Joseph as I begin a new business. Joseph is amazing at facilitating energy shifts which has enabled me to make life- changing decisions.  His holistic coaching style includes mind, body, energy, and spirit awareness which facilitates real and lasting change."

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